Different Kinds of Coffee Delights

When it comes to enjoying coffee today, people seem to benefit from the many choices available today. Thanks to many enterprising individuals who helped made the business of coffee enjoyment a more popular privilege as well as a lifestyle. Before, coffee drinking was considered as an ordinary everyday ritual.

Nobody bothered how they enjoyed their coffee. Most people didn't have an idea then that there are other ways to enjoy coffee than just the black variety. It wasn't until Starbucks came into existence that coffee drinking became the popular trend.

With Starbucks and other similar coffee shops offering different varieities of the popular beverage, the evolution of coffee as just an ordinary beverage has come upon us. Nowadays, one may not just order coffee as itself. There are currently a host of choices available that will challenge the taste buds. Aside from the traditional black coffee, there is the espresso to consider.

Espresso is basically coffee made by forcing hot water under high pressure through roasted coffee that has been grounded to an extremely fine powder. This results in having a beverage that produces a rich, flavorful, and almost syrupy beverage.

Its characteristics are due to the extraction and emulsification of the oils found in ground coffee by pressuring hot water through them. Espresso can be enjoyed as a straight shot or mixed with steamed milk and in a lot of other ways.

Aside form the straight shot espresso, there is also the caffe latte that might also be an interesting coffee experience. It is basically coffee served mixed with milk. It can be differentiated with a cappuccino in the sense that it contains more milk and therefore may have a creamier and milkier flavor to it. Cappuccino on the other hand may contain about a one third less milk in a usual serving.

Another coffee beverage becoming more and more popular is the relatively new and unique selection of flavored coffee drinks being offered by more and more coffee shops like Starbucks. These are special creations that are served as hot espresso mixed with a flavored syrup.

The choices has grown as more and more flavors are being mixed with coffee as the base. Nowadays, there are vanilla, Irish creme, almond, hazelnut, and caramel flavored coffee drinks to choose from aside from other exotic fruity flavors such as orange and raspberry coffee drinks.

  1. bianca
    May 3rd, 2009

    thanks for writting caffe latte cause im italian and sick of people saying ‘latte’ wen refuring to a caffe latte :)
    although starbucks wasnt the first to make coffee a better experience people have been drinking coffee for so long and the italians, arabs and along with many others have made coffee an enjoyable experience long time before starbucks

  2. Zara
    October 16th, 2009

    I enjoyed the italian coffee too. It remembers me of my stay in Venice.


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