Easy Coffee Recipes

Making a perfect cup of coffee is not rocket science. With little bit of effort and brewing knoledge on your hand, you can make a good cup of coffee from home. It all starts with choosing the right coffee beans. But today, there are just too many options when it comes to choosing a coffee. Currently, my favorite coffees are made with CBTL's coffee capsules. I can make a variety of specialty coffee drinks from home.

On this blog, I will be sharing my favorite coffee recipes that are extremely easy to follow. You don't need fancy coffee machines or not even a milk foamer. Check out the coffee recipes I've listed so far. Enjoy your coffee in many ways. Follow my easy coffee recipes! If you'd like to share one of your favorite coffee recipes, feel free to send it to me.

Lastly, Don't forget to check out our new antique coffee grinder.

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